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Music Editor Free

Feature-rich audio editing tool with many easy yet professional functions
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Music Editor Free comes with all the tools you need to enhance, clean, trim, mix, and edit your audio tracks like a pro. Complete with a waveform-based graphical interface, a recording engine, an audio extraction tool, a YouTube audio downloader, and a wide selection of effects and filters, this free audio editor has very few to envy to many of its commercial counterparts.

There are various ways of loading an audio file into the program’s interface – you can open any existing file, rip it from one of your CDs, extract the audio stream of an existing video file, record a new file, or download the audio of a YouTube video file. The selected or newly created file will be neatly displayed as a waveform graph, which will allow you to select specific fragments for editing in a more intuitive way. I will not list here the more than 20 effects and filters that the tool offers you to enhance and customize your audio files – suffice it to say that all the usual suspects are here, such as the fade in and out option, the normalizer, the compressor, and the ubiquitous flange, reverb, echo, or chorus effects. The noise reduction tool, however, deserves special mention – this comprehensive feature will let you remove all pops, clicks, cracks, humming, and grinding background noises present in most of our old recordings, especially those coming from digitized vinyl records.

The list of extra utilities is also extensive, and they do add value to an already feature-packed free audio editor. You count with a basic ID3 tag editor to add metadata to your favorite tracks, a frequency analyzer to check their overall quality, an audio extractor and a YouTube audio downloader, a text-to-speech engine to create audio out of any text file, a CD burner, and even a file renamer that will use the existing tags to help you keep your music collection organized.

Many commercial audio editors would surely pale in comparison if confronted with the plethora of features, functions, and tools present in this cost-free tool. Thus, Music Editor Free is an excellent way of enjoying the beauty of professional audio editing without the pains of parting with your dollars.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Waveform-based graphical interface.
  • Recording capabilities.
  • Extracts audio from YouTube files.
  • Wide range of effects and filters.
  • ID3 tag editor.
  • CD burner


  • No drawbacks found during the review
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